A Place of Restoration is a vision made real by our senior pastor, the Rev. Dennis D. Grant, and his wife, Associate Pastor Yvonne Grant.

In 1997, they founded Restoration Ministries to reach out to and serve hurting, broken people in a dramatically different way—supporting them in their spiritual journey while helping them live more fulfilling, debt-free, God-filled lives.

A church, the Grants believe, is more than a just place of worship. It should equip the faithful with Bible-based tools to free themselves of the yoke of financial burdens, and likewise equip itself to be a first responder to those in need.

Dr. Grant brings an impressive array of personal and professional accomplishments to his role as senior pastor of A Place of Restoration. A longtime community activist in South Florida , he has been a prominent advocate for immigrant rights; fairness in the criminal-justice and judicial systems; HIV/AIDS and health-care policies; public education; and political and economic empowerment for the disfranchised.

In the religious world, Dr. Grant is highly regarded as an out-of-the-box, innovative man of the cloth. He founded and is president of the Pastors Guild of America.

Dr. Grant has a Ph.D. degree in philosophy and Christian counseling, and is the author of three books— Staying on Top of Credit , Lasting Romance , and The Missing Link . He also writes a column on relationships that is published in local newspapers.

Living his concept of spiritual and financial wealth, Dr. Grant is chairman/CEO of a land-development firm, Florida Topland, Inc., that specializes in multi-acre land sales in the Midwest .

The Grants, natives of Jamaica , have six children—including son Delano , the church's youth pastor—and nine grandchildren.

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